Chess Openings

Thursday, 30 June 2011

1.e4 and the most popular responses ...

When you are new to chess you often start by playing 1.e4, hoping that maybe your opponent will play 1. ..e5 which is a pattern that you recognise. You may not realise it, but by playing 1.e4 you are actually giving Black the choice of opening!

Here are some of the possible openings that can ensue after 1.e4 ...

1. .. e5 - The Kings Pawn Opening
1. .. c5 - The Sicilian Defense
1. .. d5 - The Centre Counter or Scandinavian
1. .. e6 - The French Defense
1. .. c6 - The Caro Kann
1. .. g6 - The Modern Defense
1. .. b6 - Owen's Defence
1. .. d6 - The Pirc Defence
1. .. Nf6 - Alekhine's Defense

The above openings (not in any particular order) are considered to be the most common.  In the coming weeks I will be looking at the above 1.e4 openings ... and looking at some typical opening setups for Black and White, along with some sample games. I think that every beginner/intermediate player should be aware of the 'mainlines' for these openings at the very least. It is up to each individual to then look further into these openings and perform some in-depth analysis in order to improve and learn an opening thoroughly. Links to wikipedia articles have been provided to help in understanding the main lines for each opening. I will start my writing with probably the most popular response to 1.e4 and that is 1. .. c5 The Sicilian Defense.