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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack

I have decided to start with a very common opening for Black in the Sicilian - The Dragon - which is often met by White's Yugoslav Attack!

The move 5. .. g6 introduces the Dragon variation of the Sicilian Defense. The White system of attack with f3 and Be3 was developed during the 1930's by Vsevelod Rauzer (1908-41) a soviet master noted for his attacking ideas in the opening. The system was not considered particularly dangerous until the 1950's when Vladimir Vukovic and other Yugoslav players strengthened White's offensive. This is the source of it's name - the "Yugoslav Attack"

Of course, as in any opening there are many, many variations on the same theme. I simply intend to give a flavour of each opening variation and stimulate some debate - here is a sample opening in the "Yugoslav":

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